I love to talk about (i) how business professionals can integrate business law essentials into their day-to-day decisions making, (ii) how knowledge-based businesses can maximize the value of their intellectual property, and (iii) relationship-focused contract negotiation strategies.  Do you belong to a group of consultants or other business professionals? Here are a few topics that will be help them understand and apply key intellectual property and business law concepts:

  • Intellectual Property: The Currency of the 21st Century
    Let's do it.

    Let’s do it.

    • What exactly is Intellectual Property?
    • What types of ideas/creations can be protected and how?
    • Who owns each type of IP upon creation?
    • What does “work for hire” and “assignment of all rights” mean?
    • What are the alternatives to “work for hire” and “assignment of all rights”
  • Can I Use That? Examining the Differences between Public Domain, Fair Use, Creative Common Licenses and Other Rights in Materials You Find on the Internet
  • Understand the Three “Nons”: Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Obligations
  • Trademark Your Services: Learn How the Underused Service Mark Can Help you Brand and Differentiate Your Services
  • IP Audit and Strategy: If You Think You Don’t Own Valuable IP, Think Again
  • Who Owns It, Part I:  The Legal Side of Outsourcing
  • Who Owns It, Part II:  The Legal Side of Social Media Participation and Guest Posting
  • Relationship-Focused Contract Negotiations:  Using the Contract Negotiation Process to Build Relationships, not Walls

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