My focus is structuring and negotiating business and commercial transactions that achieve the desired results and meet the strategic objectives of my clients.  I have deep experience with revenue-generating transactions, especially those related to the creation and exploitation of intellectual property.

Current and recent clients include:

  • MGM International Television, a major motion picture distribution company
  • M3 USA Corporation, a Sony company, which provides the life science industry with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and research solutions
  • Qualia Capital LLC, a private equity firm specializing in debt and equity investments in media and entertainment sectors with an emphasis on intellectual property asset portfolios
  • Indomitable Entertainment, executive producer of the major motion picture Soul Surfer
  • Teaching Strategies, an award-winning educational publishing company and developer of The Creative Curriculum®


I’m a huge fan of Suzy Orman.  She is well-known for saying:  “People first, then money, then things.”  Words to live by and, for me, words that guide my law practice.   Although my clients are usually corporations, it is the relationships that I build with the people within them that makes it possible for me to provide exceptional service.

I limit my client base to no more than a handful of clients with whom I develop long-term, intensive relationships.  I know their kids’ names, they know where my family goes on vacation — and I know their businesses intimately.  I don’t “take a quick look” at one-off projects.  For every engagement, I provide all-inclusive service for a flat all-inclusive fee.


As your “business relationship lawyer”, I honor the reality of the new hyper-connected economy.  Every transaction is an opportunity to build a long-term, value maximizing relationship or a  missed opportunity by driving an adversarial “hard bargain”.  When you are negotiating  an important, reputation-building agreement, such as a master services agreement, a joint venture agreements or a co-marketing agreement, you want to focus on the long-term.  While representing you as my client, I work to make sure that the needs of all parties are met.

A successful business relationship is like any other relationship — you understand each other, you have a process for open communication and a process for resolving conflict.  That is the essence of relationship-based contract negotiation.  It is not about “winning” or topping the other side.  It is not about getting the upper hand in some future litigation.  Relationship-based contract negotiations enhance the value of the transaction for both parties by laying the groundwork for for referral business in the future and for additional business with each other  — and not just with the company, but with the people, where ever their careers may take them.

By focusing on the long-term value of the business relationship, a deal can be structured that focuses on the elements that are most important to each party and uses compromise for the rest. The end result — a contract that both parties feel good about.

L.L. Bean nailed it when he said:

“No sale is really complete until the product is worn out, and the customer is satisfied.”

The same is true with business transactions:  No deal is complete until the parties have satisfied all of their obligations and the parties feel good about the value received.  That’s the goal of every “business relationship” contract negotiation.

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My typical engagement is to serve as outside general counsel for small to medium sized businesses with on-going commercial transactions needs.  As a former in-house General Counsel and COO, I take pride in  providing high level business and legal advice to help my clients execute their overall business strategy.  Serving as a trusted resource to your company’s senior staff, I will:

  • Offer practical, bottom-line oriented advice.
  • Understand how much risk you accept and in what form.
  • Devise creative solutions.
  • Negotiate with the goal of win-win outcomes.
  • Be a deal maker, not a deal killer.

Generally, I am engaged on a flat monthly retainer basis.  Retainer billing eliminates the conflicts caused by billable hours, thereby freeing my clients to  involve me in the early stages of deal making and to take full advantage of my ability to issue-spot and provide proactive, strategic advice .  Please contact me if you have on-going commercial transactions needs.